My apple from Aomori!

Apple Tree Ownership Program

Program from JAL to become an apple tree owner!

Enjoy Aomori apple from your own tree now!

JAL Original

Cabin Attendant Sirotan

Exclusive original design from JAL

Let's bring sirotan back home

Everyone makes JAL what it is!

JAL Design Product

Bring JAL into your daily life

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At JAL, OMOTENASHI is at the heart of everything we do, which is to provide our guests with a charming and meticulous service.

Pay attention to each customer as an individual, carefully observe the customer's gender, age, interest, and needs to judge the others preferences and habits, provide the most appropriate service at the most appropriate time to achieve "おもてなし OMOTENASHI".

Furusato Project - Regional Revitalization

Through JAL's regional revitalization project, we aimed to pay an effort to revitalization and sustainability to all area of Japan through presenting Japanese products.

Cultural exchange between Japan and Hong Kong

Presenting Japan's local product with authenticity to Hong Kong. Let's explore your next destination in advance!