Apple Tree Ownership Program

Apple Tree Ownership Program of Aomori Kimura Orchard

Apple Tree Ownership Program is a program that assists apple farmers in Aomori Prefecture. Over the years, the arable land has been decreasing due to the aging of farmers and the shortage of labor. In addition, the long history of apple farming has led to the deterioration of a number of trees and a gradual decrease in productivity. The Prefecture is actively working to enhance productivity by improving farm size and production area systems, and by reducing labor and production costs through environmentally friendly farming methods such as dwarfing and bagless cultivation. On the Japanese consumer level, we can support the sustainable development of local agricultural products by participating in the "りんごの木オーナー制度". We would like to join in and pay an effort! So we have invited Kimura Orchard to collaborate in the "Apple Tree Ownership Program", letting Hong Kong customers to purchase the finest seasonal agricultural products directly from local farmers.

In Hong Kong, it is generally difficult for consumers to trace and understand the origin of the Japanese farming products and the details of the farms concerned. It is also difficult for Japanese farmers to know feedback from overseas customers, in order to improve or promote their farm brands overseas. Therefore, this project serves as a bridge for everyone to get to know the Aomori apple brand "Kimura Orchard"! 


5 Exclusive Experiences For Apple Tree Owners

Kimura Orchard is located in the southern part of Tsugaru district in Aomori Prefecture and has about 1,000 apple trees. In this program, you can choose from three types of apples:  Fuji, and Meitetsu (2 types in total). Through this program, the owner hopes that people in Hong Kong can learn more about the apple farming process in Aomori and enjoy the farming and fruit picking experience in the orchard during their free time.

As a token of our appreciation to our Hong Kong friends who are committed to contributing to the Japanese agricultural industry, the owners and we would like to offer the following exclusive experience and services to fellow apple tree owners:

Exclusive Experience 1 >>> Guests can go to Kimura Orchard to choose the apple tree species (2 choices) or name their own tree online. Each tree owner will receive a wooden signage.

Exclusive Experience 2  >>> Monthly email reports from Kimura Orchard, including: the growth and progress of the tree (with photos or videos), apple planting knowledge, recipes, etc. (Email will be forwarded by Japan Airlines)


Exclusive Experience 3 >>> The owner of the apple tree can participate in unlimited free farming experience and fruit picking escorted by the orchard staff within the ownership period. (JAL can assist in making reservations* and arranging activities in the garden for an unlimited number of times) *Advance reservation is required, subject to confirmation by Kimura Orchard.

Exclusive Experience 4 >>> Transport the apples by AIR under arrangement from JAL to ensure extraordinary freshness & fresh quality



Exclusive Experience 5 >>> Stay at home & Enjoy the super fresh Rank A apples ! Fuji and Meigestsu apples in Kimura Orchard are harvested 3-4 weeks later than other farmers in the market, so that the apples have enough time to ripen in the snow on the trees and produce more nectar. These specially grown apples are susceptible to damage, not durable for long, and require careful handling and the quickest delivery. Therefore, they are rare in market and exclusively presented to Hong Kong people by Japan Airlines and Kimura Orchard. 


Becoming The Owner of The Apple Tree

< Upgrade Privileges >
1 extra piece (23KG) of checked baggage for the owner



For Owners who fly with Japan Airlines (operated by Japan Airlines) and depart from Hong Kong to Aomori Prefecture to visit the apple trees in Kimura Orchard during the ownership, will receive one additional 23kg of checked baggage free of charge for the return trip. (Please contact the JAL Hong Kong Office at least 7 working days before departure day from Hong Kong for additional baggage allowance)


< Upgrade Privileges >
Free admission to " Aomori local BBQ Event" 

BBQ includes 豚ハラミ (pork diaphragm) and 豚ホルモン (pork offal) in the local style, *additional cost will be charged for owners' companions



Becoming The Apple Tree Owner

Carefully selected high-quality of apples in Aomori Farm

Sincerely hope that you will visit Aomori Prefecture and our Farm in the near future and enjoy our proud high-quality apples. 

4th generation owner - Mr Toshio Kimura and 5th generation owner - Mr Hisashi Kimura


 4th generation owner - Mr Toshio Kimura


5th generation owner - Mr Hisashi Kimura



Apples have been cultivated in Aomori Prefecture for over 140 years. Kimura family has more than 100 years of apple growing experience and unique planting techniques. Kimura Farm has acquired the international “Global G.A.P” certification for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021). 

Kimura Farm is located in the southern part of the Tsugaru area of Aomori Prefecture. Surrounded by mountains, with low rainfall, large temperature difference between day and night, moderate sunshine hours and cool climate, it is very suitable for apple planting in Aomori Prefecture. 

The 4th generation owner, Mr Toshio Kimura, is an apple craftsman with almost 60 years of experience in apple cultivation. Inheriting the unique planting technology of the ancestors. The Kimura family has always been committed to create healthy soil, cultivate apples without using any chemical fertilizers or herbicides, so as to maximize the use of the original energy and nutrients of the soil. In 2013, it was certified as Aomori Soil Craftsman by Japan’s No.1 Healthy Soil Movement. Mr. Toshio Kimura changed his role from director to consultant, and officially passed the farm to his son, Mr Hisashi Kimura.



 5 Guarantees

  •  Origin: Kimura Farm, Aomori Prefecture
  • Weight and Number of apples: 70kg (150~170 pcs) / 35kg (75~85 pcs) / 16kg (30~45 pcs) * depends on the varieties 
  • Apple grading: All apple grades have reached “Extraordinary gift-giving A Rank” and “B Rank”, with a sweetness level about 13~15 degrees
  • Logistic commitment: After receiving the apples, if there are any problems such as damage or insufficient quantity, it will be handled in the form of replacement or refund. 
  • Safety guarantee: In case of natural disasters affecting the harvest in the current season, tree ownership period will be extended to the next season.

       Aomori Kimura Farm Types of Apple Tree in 2024

        Types of Aomori Apple Tree Ownership Plan in 2024 - Order Plan

        1 Tree Owner

        ½ Tree Owner

        ¼ Tree Owner

        $13,988/ year

        $7,688/ year

        $4,288/ year

        Apple total weight:  Approx. 70kg
        Apple quantity: Approx. 150~170 pcs

        Apple total weight: Approx. 35kg

        Apple quantity: Approx.  75~85 pcs

        Apple total weight: Approx. 16kg

        Apple quantity: Approx.  30~45 pcs

        • Ownership Period: 01 April ~ 30 November 2024
        • Monthly Email Report (videos & photos), recipes, apple planting knowledge etc
        • Choose & Name your apple tree with wooden signage
        • Unlimited participation of farming experience within ownership period (Advance reservation is needed, subject to the confirmation of Kimura Farm)
        • Take Japan Airlines (flights operated by Japan Airlines) from Hong Kong to Japan Aomori Prefecture Kimura Farm to visit apple trees, each can enjoy an extra piece of checked in baggage (23kg)
        • Free admission to “BBQ Event” 
        • One time delivery service from Japan to Hong Kong (Free one local delivery address)
        • (Optional) Add one delivery address by additional fee

        1 Tree Owner - recommended for business enterprises/ groups/ customers who want to have full tree ownership

        ½ Tree Owner - recommended for family who only want to have half of the apple tree 

        ¼ Tree Owner - recommended for individual and small family


        Please refer product page for details