【CA 好物推介】盛載泰國傳統手藝 —— 手工班蘭葉掛頸卡套

【Cabin Crew's Pick】Thailand's traditional handicrafts -- Handmade Pandan leaves card holder

Hello, everyone! I am a JAL cabin crew from Hong Kong.

I believe we have all seen or tasted the delicacy of pandan leaves. Its unique sweet aroma and bright green colour are instantly recognizable, Pandan is often preserved in Southeast Asia, as well as in Indonesia and Thailand, where it is believed that pandan leaves can repel mosquitoes and insects, transforming this plant with its unique fragrance into a part of daily life.

A team of cabin crew from Japan Airlines in Thailand made good use of this material in their design. They invited local Thai craftsmen to weave handmade pandan leaves lanyard card holders that are exclusive to Japan Airlines.

Each Pandan leaves holder is handmade by skilled Thai handicraftsmen, who make use of the soft and tough nature of Pandan leaves, their unique natural texture and scent, trimming the leaves to the right size, and weaving them together with their unique weaving techniques. The hand-woven process requires patience and skill, and every detail is meticulously crafted to flawless.

Our cabin crew colleagues designed them with vegan leather card dividers, which are beautifully unique in appearance, and in JAL's signature colours, showcasing the essence of traditional Thai culture with a touch of JAL style. Vegan leather has the look and feel of simulated leather and is environmentally friendly, lighter than real leather, breathable and durable.

The card holder is also practical and durable. The material gives it excellent waterproof and anti-bacterial properties, which protects your valuables from external damages. The surface can be cleaned with a wet paper towel. In addition, Pandan leaves card holders are also very eco-friendly as they are handmade from natural materials without the use of any chemicals.

The design is also very user-friendly, with 4 card slots and a multi-functional card slot. A 40cm detachable lanyard is included to suit your daily needs.The JAL logo is printed on the back of the card, giving it a distinctive JAL look.

Our Thai cabin crew members wish to show their love for nature and the arts by supporting local farmers and craftsmen while bringing a representation of traditional Thai crafts to the world. The JAL Original Thai Hand-Woven Banana Leaf Card Holder is a beautiful handcrafted product that combines functionality, aesthetics and culture. Highly recommended as a gift or for personal use!

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