【CA 好物推介】JAL本格芋燒酎 鶴空Tsurusora

【CA's recommendation】JAL Sweet Potato Shochu Tsurusora

Hello everyone! I am a Hong Kong base cabin attendant from Japan Airlines.

We are highly recommend about "Tsurusora" which is JAL special Shochu (made by Sweet Potato).

“Tsurusora” is an authentic sweet potato shochu served in Japan Airlines,  exclusively for first class, business class passengers and airport lounges.

As we know, “Tsurusora” is made by sweet potato from JAL Agriport farm in Japan. Under the supervision of JAL wine advisor, you can enjoy the excellent fruity and sweet flavor with this shochu. Meanwhile, we are highly recommend to make with on the rocks or mix with hot/cold water.

JAL Sweet Potato Shochu Tsurusora  (720ml)

Alcohol concentration is 25 degrees.

The best way to make this drink, the procedure is 6 parts of shochu : 4 parts of  water. This shochu can dilute to 15 degrees, which is roughly the same as the degree of Japanese sake. So everyone can enjoy it more easily.

In the end, we are sincerely recommend about Tsurusora is not only for gift to others but also for your own personal use.

Thank you!

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