[CA's Recommendation] Shiitake mushrooms from Oita Prefecture

Hello everyone! I am a Hong Kong base cabin attendant from Japan Airlines. Today, I would like to introduce the Japanese Shiitake mushroom grown in Oita Prefecture, which is the highest mushroom grade in the world.
As we know that, a lots of Japanese agricultural products can purchase in Hong Kong. However, it is difficult for consumers to know and understand the product's background and other details. Meanwhile, let us introduce this shiitake mushrooms from Oita Prefecture and tell you about the difference between this mushrooms and others.
Marutomo Co., Ltd. is one of the brand established in Oita Prefecture more than 38 years. They were committed to cultivating shiitake mushrooms for commercial use, making it more easier and convenience to restaurants and other personal use customers to purchase, enjoy them as well. Therefore, they are trying their best to deliver high-quality shiitake mushrooms from Oita Prefecture to every customer. Also, they select local growers (farmers) very strictly and carefully. Regarding the planting process, in mid-November every year, farmers will select and cut down the trees of the Quercus which are about 15 years old. Around 1-2 months later, cut it into wooden sections about 1 meter long, which will serve as the basis for cultivating shiitake mushrooms in the future. After 1-2 months of drying, the farmer will use an electric drill to drill holes in the pre-cut logs and plant the mushrooms into wood sections by hand. This process is called Inoculation bacteria.

The log sections that have been inoculated with Shiitake mushrooms are arranged and placed in a felled area with good ventilation, out of direct sunlight until the next autumn.
In the next autumn, farmers will move the inoculated wood sections to a suitable place for Shiitake mushrooms to germinate and grow. This place must need relatively shady, cool and sunlight. Also, the place is usually in the center of the woods, mushrooms will slowly absorb it in the natural environment and grows well.

After passing through the cold winter, shiitake mushrooms will grow very well under the warm temperatures in spring. When they grow up to a suitable size, farmers can twist the roots and complete the picking more smoothly and easily!
After picked up the shiitake mushrooms, they will be put into the dryer immediately, and the far-infrared drying process will be carried out as well. 24 hours later, the drying will be completed. The drying process can pull out the moisture from the shiitake mushrooms, so that they can keep the most original, high-quality, delicious, and chewy shiitake mushrooms.

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