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【JAL Original】JAL Wajima Chopsticks

【JAL Original】JAL Wajima Chopsticks

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JAL Wajima Chopsticks

JAL Wajima chopsticks use the same technique as traditional Wajima lacquerware, and the original box is also assembled by hand.


  • Size (approx): Length 22cm
  • Material: natural wood, natural lacquer
  • Made in Japan



About Wajima Lacquerware:

The mass production of Wajima lacquerware began in the Edo period. There are many processes from production to completion of Wajima lacquerware, and sometimes more than 100 production processes are required to complete a lacquerware.

It is precisely because of this complicated and rigorous process that Wajima lacquerware is also known as a utensil that can be used for a lifetime. Even if it is damaged, it can be used continuously after repair.

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