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【Fukui Prefecture】Wooden Handicraft Cat Clock

【Fukui Prefecture】Wooden Handicraft Cat Clock

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Wooden Handicraft Cat Clock

Cat-shaped clock from Yamato Japan woodwork shop in Fukui Prefecture, a total of 3 varieties of cats and kittens to choose from. Great for decorating your table.

Yamato Japan (ヤマト工芸) is a craft shop located in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Since their establishment, they have been specialising in the production of traditional crafts such as tier boxes, trays and lacquerware, as well as wooden products. Yamato Japan sells to a variety of department stores and online shops under their own brand name, "yamato japan", and also assists with OEM production for some corporate and group customers. This company is one of the few in the lacquer production area of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, that has an "integrated" production system from fabric production to coating. From time to time, they collaborate with various designers to create new products.

Size: W90*H1040*D80
Manufacturer: Yamato Kougei

Made in Japan

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