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【Oita Prefecture】 Premium Mushroom (Shiitake) Cultivated on logs gift box (260g)

【Oita Prefecture】 Premium Mushroom (Shiitake) Cultivated on logs gift box (260g)

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The New Year is approaching, and it will be a time to give gifts and invite family and friends to gather together to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Now, JAL Shop HK sincerely introduces to you the Log Cultivated Premium Mushroom Gift Box (260g), which is limited during the Chinese New Year. It is suitable for both gifts and personal use.

The highest quality - Log Cultivated Premium Mushroom (Shiitake) gift box (260g) are grown in Oita Prefecture, one of Japan's most famous shiitake mushroom production area, using a method that is different from the common mushroom bed cultivation method. It is more difficult and time consuming to cultivate the mushrooms with logs, and it takes at least 1.5 to 2 years to harvest . In addition, high-grade shiitake mushrooms are only harvested in winter, ensuring that every grain is at its most plump time. Moreover, the umbrella-shaped surface of the most highest-grade shiitake mushrooms has white cracks, making the overall appearance look like a flower blooming. In Japan, it is a popular gift item.

It is recommended to soak in water for a full day before cooking.

You can use it for any "steaming" , " roasting", "stewing", " boiling " , "frying",  and "stir-frying" .

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight and away from high temperature and humidity.

Dimensions: L345mm x W285mm x H55mm
Box Weight: 615g (Net weight 260g)

***Pictures are for reference only***.

The size of the mushrooms may vary according to the weather, the actual size should be based on the actual product (about 5cm each).

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