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【JAL Original】 Masking Tape

【JAL Original】 Masking Tape

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JAL Masking Tape

Masking tape popular as a collection item. Masking tape that is useful for decorating diaries and schedule books, and wrapping presents. It's also fun to put it in a stylish place. With designs inspired by JAL's domestic and international travels and airplanes, it is also useful for displaying travel memories and photos. Appeared in 4 types of colors and patterns! 

JAL original masking tape makes you want to collect all 4 types! It is an attractive item with just one type with a nice design and color tone.  

If you have 4 types, you can enjoy collaboration of different colors and designs.

[01] Travel Sketch
The names of major domestic airports and historic sites are designed on a gray gridded background. The image of drawing with a pencil is very stylish, and it is a waste of tape to use.

[02] Chalkboard style
Airplanes and a world map drawn with sharp lines on a black chalkboard background, and the conspicuous JAL logo. It's a cool design that doesn't look like masking tape.

[03] blue sky
The image of the blue sky is an indispensable color for travel items. I designed freehand letters and illustrations in bright blue.

[04]Overseas travel
Cities and tourist destinations from around the world are arranged in a drawing style on a beige background. Just looking at it might make you feel like you've traveled around the world.

  • Size (approx.): Width 15mm x Length 8m, Diameter 42mm
  • Materials: Tape/Paper, Adhesive Part/Acrylic
  • Made in Japan
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