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JAL logo glass set

JAL logo glass set

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 Tsugaru blue glass set with JAL logo
Since they are handmade, color, size, weight and shape may vary slightly.

 We made a set of two glasses using JAL’s brand colors (white and red),
There are streamlined patterns that look like swirls, and cute patterns with particles of different sizes and shapes. The JAL logo placed by sandblasting is also a highlight.
The vivid colors unique to Tsugaru glass seem to rise from the bottom, giving the glass a deep expressiveness that can only be achieved through handcrafting.
Enjoy every cup or sip.

 Multipurpose glass

It can be used for everything from everyday drinks to carbonated drinks like beer and highballs and rock glasses.
 Since it's suitable for any person or occasion, it also makes a great gift.

Sandblasted with JAL logo. Timing of adding molten glass, adjustment of adding amount,
The skills and cooperation of craftsmen in each process, including the degree of molding, are crucial.

 Tsugaru is carefully crafted piece by piece by craftsmen.
 Craftsmen use different techniques to complement the design and give the glass its deep color.

Recommended by the flight attendant

Tsugaru allows you to feel the warmth, gentleness and tradition of Aomori that can only be achieved with handmade products.
We would be delighted if you could spend quality time or reminisce about your travels with this pair of glasses inspired by JAL colors.
●Dimensions (approx.): Diameter 9.3 x Height 10.4cm
●Weight (approx.): 295g
●Capacity (approx.): 300ml
●Material: Soda glass
●Made in Japan

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